Friday, November 21, 2014

all your thoughts are belong to heaven

[I don't remember writing this, it was hanging out in my "draft" posts]
[Sort of reads like a rant against the prosperity gospel. idk.]

Where but in the middle of all these thoughts you think of heaven
- O streets of gold
- O transparent glass
- O twelve pearls
But what is a good fit for me? What will work for me?
There was a time when all that mattered for me were the books I read.
-What then, shall we say, in response to these things?

What color is your parachute?
-O come, 401K

What then are your thoughts interrupted by the promise of heaven?
What then:
-Of horror?
-Must we do?
-Shall we say?


Today, this popped into my head:
"All three schools I got kicked out of had the same school colors. So you tell me- what was the common denominator?"