Saturday, October 22, 2011


What do I do with my old wedding rings? Two nights ago, I dreamed I looked down and my wedding ring was back on my finger- I was horrified and it woke me up. I think the rings are in an envelope upstairs in a closet. They aren't worth any money or I'd buy something I really wanted with them. I could save them for Zack but not even sure he'd want them. I'm not sure why I still have them. The older ring was my ex-mother-in-law's first wedding ring. I could be super nice and give it back to her- like I said, it's not worth any money. Maybe the newer one I'll go ahead and pawn and buy some books or a pair of shoes. Or should I melt them down and have something made for my nieces? Ever since the dream, those rings are really bothering me.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sutton Wilderness

It's been pouring all afternoon, but I made a hike around the Sutton Wilderness Trail before the rain. I remember the abandoned homeless camp we found there one afternoon, hidden deep in the woods- the photographs we took in the dead of winter when the light hid from us, and again when summer had barely begun and we had to search for shadows. Today the weight of my betrayals has slowed my step; the October I can't ever begin to forgive. The hedge-apples are rolling down the hill, toward the lake, and each renegade sunflower-weed pretends it's still July.

A typical week

I'm trying to catch myself either coming or going and see how I'm doing... but then I just finished reading this article about a woman at OU with 11 children who was just accepted to Harvard for a master's degree...MY GAWD! and I think I have no time?

Here's my work week:
research assistant for political science: 10-15 hours weekly
teaching, office hours, prepping, grading: 10-15 hours weekly
regular coursework and attending classes: 10 hours weekly
directed readings work: 5-10 hours weekly
(if you're keeping track, on a rough week that's 50 hours SO FAR...)
I also have two papers I'm trying to get published that need revising....I'm also supposed to be exercising during the day and making time for things like eating.... I'll be happy when this semester is over.