Sunday, April 29, 2012


Things pissing me off right now:
1. Pictures of tiny animals on social media sites.  Why? Who cares if a sloth fits in your thimble or if a mini hedgehog fits in your pocket.
2. People over 15 who use "lol" all the time. All the time! Actually, that has been on my shit list for years.
3. 1980s high waistlines coming back in style.
4. The saying "It is what it is." Don't say it. It's redundant, therefore, just don't say anything.
5. Christian fundamentalists who write Bible verses on people's Facebook statuses.
(I'm noticing much of my high blood pressure issues have to do with social media. So I should just get off, right?!)
6. Pictures of your ultrasound as your profile pic. Just no.
7. Anything prepared with mayonnaise. Come to think of it, boxed mixes, too.
8. Long academic papers.
9. People who say "...gave a present to Johnny and I" and think they are being grammatically correct.

Things making me very happy right now:
1. The discovery of this picture from 1993:
2. Marzipan and green-chile chocolate cake (not together).
3. Cottonelle toilet paper. It's the best.
4. Quart-sized Mason jars full of ice, water, lemons, limes, and cucumbers.
5. Qualitative research.  Heh heh.
6. The servants in "Downton Abbey."
7. Buffalo meat.
8. Taking turns reading out loud to each other from "The Indifferent Stars Above."
9. One more week left in the semester.
10. Avocados.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Title-less post

I am such an awful blogger. My mind swims with things to say minute by minute- but I never think it's good enough to put in a blog. I have to think more about what this blog is supposed to be for me- a journal, a map, a bulletin board, a creative tool?
My perfectionism is a stumbling block. I'm my own worst enemy sometimes...