Saturday, March 17, 2012

And this-

How funny. None of us are able to handle looking into the Arkansas sun. At least the baby has enough sense to close her eyes. Front yard, Graham Street, Prairie Grove. 1978.
I am actually showing off my "new shoes" in this photograph. Trying to look nonchalant about them.

Ides of March Randomness

First day of my spring break and I'm up, of course, at 6:30am. This week has seen me wrapping up two mid-term essay tests, administering a mid-term to my own students, finally finishing an eight-month long project, sleeping erratic hours, thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack Thursday night from stress, doing my knee rehabilitation exercises, drinking copious amounts of El Salvadorian coffee....
The Bradford pear tree blossoms are shaken loose by the wind and accumulate alongside the driveway like piles of snow. Sometimes I look out the kitchen window and blossoms are drifting past like fat snowflakes.
Another of my dad's birthdays has come and gone; I think about the presents I would bring him in the past: lemon pound cake, homemade barbecue sauce, a bottle of wine that we opened and drank at lunchtime and he told me he'd come to the decision that the book of Revelations was only a metaphor...
How many of my own shortcomings have been highlighted in the past couple of months, while I've wrestled with feelings of inadequacy and the years disappearing under my feet.
Trying to take comfort in little things: the basket of antique rolling pins, piles of yarn, bookshelves crammed with my favorite books, the row of glass bluebirds on my windowsill. 
I only have one school-related project to work on during spring break- so I hope to recuperate somewhat, get some reading in, drink lots of coffee, listen to music, find what has been buried beneath the stress...